The formation and continued existence of the Sangha arises from those who meditate together.

The Sangha is led and supported by the membership. The Sangha strives to create and maintain a container that provides full support to individual and group practice. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in a full range of practice activities.

Click here for information about becoming a member of Zen Desert Sangha. 

ZDS has a Board of Directors elected annually from among the membership. Board meetings are held monthly, and everyone is invited to participate. Minutes of these meetings are taken, and some of them are available here.

Any decisions that go beyond the routine running of ZDS involve the entire community, and require a supermajority vote of the full members. Records of these meetings are also available here.

Current board members are:

  • Evan Casler - President
  • Diana Cederquist - Vice President
  • Richard Park - Treasurer
  • Joann Schultz - Secretary
  • Helen Amerongen - Director at Large

In accordance with its status as a charitable organization, the organization of ZDS conforms to a set of formal bylaws